About our Company

Radical paint is an innovative company of manufacture amd marketing of high class children's carft paint and artist paint. Our paint is ideal for child care centres, schools, major retailers, art and craft shops etc. We are proud of our products and services. We use quality pigments to produce paint and process is fully monitored by our own Australian chemist.

We have a wide range of standard colours, fluoro colours and glitter colours. The paints are easy to apply and can be used on almost any surface including paper, poster, wood, plaster, fabric, craftwood and paper mache. And of course all our paints are safe and non toxic, so children are able to explore their creativity and enjoy vibrant painting experience.

We constantly test our products for quality and performance and develop new product range to expand versatility. Our philosophy is to advance our products continuously and lead breakthroughs in craft paint making industries.

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